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Field Extension

OARDC Centennial Medal 1882-1982

OARDC celebrated their centennial in 1982 and the wheat and test tube on the front of the medal symbolizes their tradition of dealing with agricultural problems through the application of modern science.

After many similarly-impactful scientific discoveries, publications, and social innovations, the OAES inducted a new director in 1959, Roy Kottman. He was said to be a born-leader with a knack for fundraising.5 It was through Kottman that the OAES underwent a name change to the Ohio Agricultural Research Development Center (OARDC). Kottman wanted the name to reflect the broad range of scientific research being conducted in the late 20th century. Just as the station's first great leader Charles Thorne did, Roy Kottman led with gusto and the newly renamed OARDC made many great advances in the following years. By the 1970s, the OARDC was at the forefront of creating a corn resistant to viruses, which averted the risk of a global corn scarcity. They brought this out into the fields of Ohio with extension, teaching farmers tactics to help prevent their corn and tomatoes from becoming disease ridden. These techniques were then implemented across the US. The OARDC’s research continued to progress immensely and by the 1980s, they were looking to the future with projects including genetically engineered turkeys and tractors run on sunflower oil.6


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