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Wooster Digital History Project

Secret Societies in Wooster

By Anna Claspy 

From just a few years after the town’s foundation, men and women with similar goals and values have gathered together in groups with passwords and rituals.  Within these groups, members found entertainment, insurance, and community.  Historians have generally referred to these groups as secret societies, although some also refer to them as benevolent or fraternal organizations.  These societies often posted their meeting times in the newspaper and met in public buildings, however, members took care to guard their secrets.  They have developed alongside Wooster and contributed to the community since their foundations.  While most view these societies as benevolent, they have received their fair share of criticism over the years. However, most secret societies overcame this criticism and became an integral part of Wooster.

To see a map of the different secret societies that have existed in Wooster, click here.