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Wooster Digital History Project

James Rose

From Wooster, slaves would be brought up to their final stop in Wayne County, at the home of James Rose, two miles south of Golden Corners. James Rose was known throughout the area as the “Scotch Pioneer”, meaning he was most likely a Scottish immigrant or from Scottish descent. Unlike many of the other Underground Railroad operators, documents indicate that he persisted in aiding slaves openly. Letters tell of him transporting slaves in broad daylight. One of the reasons he was able to do this is because his proximity to anti-slave centers such as Cleveland. While this courage is commendable, it is only because of his geographical location he was able to do this. Many others would have publically and proudly helped slaves but it would have resulted in their arrest, the recapture of their charges, and possibly worse.  From the Rose residence the fugitives made their way out of Wayne County and off towards Lodi. This marks the conclusion of the western route.