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Wooster Digital History Project

The Friends of Wayne County Fair

Friends of Wayne Co. Fair BBQ

Each year, the group holds a barbecue in order to raise funds for the museum. Note that it's held on the usual fairgrounds, and the different vendors. The fact that numerous vendors are involved shows how this is truly a community endeavor.

Golfing Event for the Museum

The group also has an annual official golf tournament, which gets proceeds that support the upcoming museum. An activity that requires mental strength, golf serves as a way to recruit new members and build camaraderie amongst existing ones.

Most large-scale efforts cannot be achieved through the work of one person alone. Rather, it takes teamwork to get a finished product. Wooster, Ohio has seen many of its landmarks and events because of group efforts. One example of this is a full-fledged museum dedicated to the various agricultural methods Wayne County has seen, as well as the evolution of said techniques. Founded in 2013, the Friends of Wayne County Fair’s mission is seeing the long-anticipated Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center come to fruition.1

The Friends of Wayne County Fair is not the first organization to attempt to bring a local agricultural museum to fruition, but it is the only group to do so successfully.2 Most of the officers have ties to the community as board members of the Wayne County Fair.3 Additionally, they have roots in agriculture, with most of them having grown up on farms.4  As a result, everyone on the team has noticed the trend of gentrification and urbanization going on not only in Wayne County proper but in the entirety of Ohio, hence the name Buckeye Agricultural Museum and Education Center.5 Thus, the group is dedicated to keeping the agricultural history, methods, and techniques alive for younger audiences.

The Friends of Wayne County Fair has gotten support from multiple sources, including memberships,6 the Wayne County Fair Board, and various fundraisers.As of the summer of 2017, there are more than one hundred members, all of whom contribute to the upcoming museum's growing momentum. The fundraisers, the fair, and the additional members are all crucial, as the museum is a privately-funded endeavor.8

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