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Wooster DH Interns Summer 2015.jpeg
l to r: Hope Nelson, Brandon Bell, Jacob Hailperin-Lausch, and Colleen Gilfether

Lepold On the 146th Regiment.mp4
Interview with Charles Lepold, military specialist for the Wayne County Historical Society, in which he discusses the role of the 146th Infantry in WWI

Stinebring Memories of Rubbermaid.mp4
Interview with former Rubbermaid employee Rozella Stinebring, in which she discusses

John_E_Sheridan_WWI_US_Food_is_Ammunition_Dont_Waste_it (thumbnail).jpg
WWI poster for the United States Food Administration, featuring the slogan, "Food is Ammunition - Don't Waste It"

WWI Propaganda_Destroy this Mad Brute (thumbnail).jpg
A 1917 Committee on Public Information propaganda poster depicting a German soldier as a monstrous ape featuring the words, "Destroy this Mad Brute."

WDR_1918.08.17_Woman Talked Pro-Hun.jpg
This 1918 Wooster Daily Republican article states that an elderly Wooster woman was arrested for "pro-German talk," and later released with a warning.

WDR_1917.12.03_Spy Was Hobo.jpg
This Wooster Daily Republican article describes an incident that occurred in Rittman , when a "harmless hobo" was mistaken for a German spy.

WDR_1917.04.07_Students Chop Kaiser's Head_1.jpg
This 1917 Wooster Daily Republican article describes an incident in which several College of Wooster students broke into a German classroom and removed the head from a portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm.

WDN_1917.10.24_Anti-German Propaganda.jpg
This Anti-German propaganda image was printed in the Wooster Daily News in October 1917

Liberty Bonds_Beat Back the Hun (323x500).jpg
A 1917 Committee on Public Information poster featuring an inhuman looking German soldier and the words, "Beat back the Hun with Liberty Bonds!"

This photograph shows Thomas Eckert, who worked as Wooster's postmaster and telegraph operator in the 1850s.


This article from the Wooster Daily News describes how the vote to make Wayne a dry county resulted in the closure of the saloons in the cities surrounding Wooster.

Michael Nachtrieb was a well-known portrait painter in Wooster, who painted depictions of many of the city's important citizens. He also painted portraits of national celebrities, including Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee.

WDR_1917.05.31_Freedlanders War Bonds.jpg
An advertisement for Liberty Bonds, sponsored by Freedlander's Department Store, which appeared in the Wooster Daily Republican in 1917

A Systems Map of the operational Baltimore & Ohio railways during World War II.

1s 2-10-0 steam locomotive prepares to leave the Pennsylvania Railroad docks at Cleveland with a trainload of iron ore in May, 1943. United States Office of War Information photo.

StullHairClinic copy.JPG
Wooster’s Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Freight Station still exists in the form of Stull’s Hair Clinic, located off of the junction between Columbus Avenue and Vanover Street.

The Tracks Today copy.JPG
A set of abandoned tracks once used by Industry in western Wooster. These are located just outside of the city dump.

A photograph of the memorial at DiGiacomo Green. It was dedicated in 2008 at the previous site of the DiGiacomo Building.

Charles Lepold-1.mp4
In this video, Charles Lepold, Chairman of the Military Committee at the Wayne County Historical Society shares the story of the Sultana Disaster

Relatives of Adelaide Critchfield are buried in Wooster Cemetery. She died tragically in a fire that destroyed her Wooster home in 1895.

The McDonald Masoleum was erected by Angus Burns McDonald (son of Angus McDonald, of McDonald Works in Wooster), and celebrates the legacy of the McDonald family.

Herman Freedlander was the proprietor of the immensely important Freedlander’s department store.
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