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America Needs Your Scrap Rubber_1942_War Production Board (2) (906x1280).jpg
1942 Wartime Production Board poster proclaiming "America needs your scrap rubber" and describing what military products that rubber is used to produce

Liberty Bonds_Beat Back the Hun (323x500).jpg
A 1917 Committee on Public Information poster featuring an inhuman looking German soldier and the words, "Beat back the Hun with Liberty Bonds!"

This is a unique example of the kinds of non-agricultural exhibits held at the fair. Such exhibits were crucial to the fiscal life of the fair- it was the link that brought agriculturalists and agricultural lay people into one place at one time to…

This image depicts the group of men who broke the first ground for the new St. Mary's of the Immaculate Conception. It now stands on the corner of Beall Avenue and Bowman Street

WDR_1917.06.23_Red Cross Can You Sleep Tonight Ad.jpg
Promotional advertisement for the Red Cross with the headline "Can You Sleep Tonight?" appeared in the Wooster Daily Republican in June 1917.

_WDR_1917.08.15_County Sends First Men to War_thumbnail.jpg
Wooster Daily Republican Article, dated August 15, 1917, describing the farewell ceremony held in honor of Wooster's first volunteer company to depart for service in WWI

_WDR_1918.10.25_Death Harvest_thumbnail.jpg
October 25, 1918 Wooster Daily Republican article announcing that six deaths had occurred the previous evening as a result of Spanish Influenza

WWI Propaganda_Destroy this Mad Brute (thumbnail).jpg
A 1917 Committee on Public Information propaganda poster depicting a German soldier as a monstrous ape featuring the words, "Destroy this Mad Brute."

This is the first school to be associated with St. Mary's. Before the large changes in Catholic practice brought by Vatican II in the 1960's, the Vatican mandated that services be executed in Latin. Given the demographics and social histories of…

_WDR_1919.07.05_Great Throng in Welcome Home_thumbnail.jpg
July 5, 1919 Wooster Daily Republican article describing the festivities of July 4th, when Wooster welcomed home more than 1,500 WWI veterans

larwill article 3.jpg
Joseph Larwill has been featured in many Daily Record articles over the years and holds special importance as a founder of the town, a politician, and local business owner.

Part of Dr. Lord's speech when he reveals that the University "shall be open to students of both the sexes."

A Bob Evans Restaurant replaced the historic old mill that once stood near the Oak Hill Cemetery signalling the symbolic end of mills in Wooster, which were once a major feature of the local economy.

An early example of the prizes that would be offered for exhibition placing at the fair, this list reflected current interests regarding agricultural advancement. By incentivizing discovery of the best methods of agricultural practice, the Wayne…

WDR_1917.04.19_Station Helps in Food Crisis (thumbnail).jpg
1917 Wooster Daily Republican article entitled, "Station Helps in Food Crisis," decribing the Ohio Experiment Station's efforts to ameliorate the food shortage of WWI

This is an article from the Wooster Daily Record on April 20, 1989. It covered the protest, now known as the Galpin Takeover, put on by both Black and white students after a series of violent incidences against people of color on campus. Noted as a…

A week or so before the Wayne County Fair, The Daily Record releases a special issue that gives a schedule of the events to occur at the fair and other related stories. It serves as a crucial guide to fair activities to local attendees.

The fire that occurred at St. Mary's wrought devastation upon the church. The building was not salvageable and, as a result, St. Mary's congregation became responsible for the $20,000-$30,000 bill to build a new church. Mind you, this is the cost in…

Article in the Wayne County Democrat attacking the Wooster Weekly Republican for their pessimistic attitude toward the University of Wooster.

A playful blurb from the Wooster Democrat three years after the University opened its doors indicates the town’s response to the new school.

WDR_1918.09.30_The Women Heros.jpg
Advertisement for Liberty Bonds celebrating the "Women Heros" of WWI, appeared in the Wooster Daily Republican in 1917

Ways to Lessen Cost of Bread thumbnail.jpg
1917 Wooster Daily Republican article decribing how Mabel Corbould, of the Ohio Experiment Station, has found ways of cooking bread with substitute flour for wartime conservation

WDR_1917.06.05_Wooster Electric Co_Women Must Help the Nation.jpg
Wooster Electric Company Ad proclaiming, "Women must find time to help the nation," appeared in the Wooster Daily Republicanin 1917

WDR_1918.09.12_Wooster Boys in New Drive.jpg
Wooster Daily RepublicanArticle, "Wooater Boys in Region of New Drive," dated September 9, 1918, announcing Copmany D's participation in the capture of Verdun

Wooster Rubber Incorporated thumbnail.jpg
1920 Daily Record announcement of Wooster Rubber Company's incorporation

WDR_1918.10.30_Ladies Brave Flue to Help Families.jpg
1918 Wooster Daily Republican article describing the bravery of the young women who volunteered to nurse those stricken with Spanish Influenza

The Confederate flag sold at the 2016 fair and the booth peacefully protesting the sale.

Doughboys thumbnail.jpg
Akron Beacon Journal coverage of 146th Infantry's return following WWI, compiled on a scrapbook page

Willford’s name on the Greene Township section of the 1823 Census of Wayne County, which shows that he lived in a rural township in the County for more than twenty years before the election. Cox is not included in the census.
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