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AB Graham Portrait .jpg
A portrait of A.B. Graham taken in 1911. Many different groups geared toward rural children got their start around the same time as his, but Graham’s Boy and Girls Club is often credited as the beginning of 4-H.

Farm Children 1898.png
Posed 1898’s photo of farm children, most likely children of employees at the Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station, where this photo was taken.

OAES's First Campus.png
Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station's first campus in Columbus, OH in 1887.

First OARDC Staff.png
The first staff photo for the Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station's leading men and women, taken in 1895. The man in the middle of the front row is the first director of the OAES, Charles Thorne.

A crowd gathers around Charles Thorne while he discusses Wheat Field Day in 1918.

OAES Invite.png
The relocation of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, later renamed the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Station, from Columbus, OH to Wooster, OH.

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Charles E. Thorne: This man was the first director of the OARDC.

Edmund Secrest: Known as “the father of forest conservation in Ohio,” this man was made director of the OARDC in 1937. The beautiful Secrest Arboretum on the OARDC campus is named after him.

The Daily Record farm brief discusses the 2011 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour, featuring the research of OARDC scientists.

The detail above the door shows the building was finished in 1896.

The old administration building, one of the first building’s completed on the Madison Hill, still stands today.

OARDC’s Wooster campus is located just south of the town and features Secrest Arboretum, ATI, and BioHio Research Park.

The sign shows the official partnership between ATI and OSU. OARDC also plays a role, because OSU evolved out of OARDC’s initial program in Columbus.

Although ATI was founded long after OARDC, they share a similar commitment to agriculture and the environment with their tie to OSU’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

ATI’s campus is located within the environs of OARDC, which provides easy access to their greenhouses, test plots, and livestock.

ATI has updated its areas of study and majors to provide students the most updated options in agricultural learning and research including dairy cattle production and management and biotechnology.

As OARDC headed into the 1970s, there was an increased focus on genetically engineered animals and plants, as well as the eradication of diseases. The map displays the campus as it stood in 1968 and included a library, an auditorium, and an…

A fact sheet from 1979 shows the always changing nature with OARDC, as the publication highlights their new research projects and available resources.

OARDC celebrated their centennial in 1982 and the wheat and test tube on the front of the medal symbolizes their tradition of dealing with agricultural problems through the application of modern science.

Building on OAES’s new campus was held up by a court case, but construction began quickly in 1894 as contractors’ estimates came in.

OAES needed to make sure that they had enough money to buy equipment and pay travel expenses, so they needed to balance their budget, which can be seen in these pages from 1893-1894.

First Wooster OARDC Campus.png
The original buildings of Wooster’s OARDC campus included laboratories, a creamery, a dairy barn, and greenhouses.

Charles E. Thorne became the first director of what eventually became OARDC from 1887-1921.

When OAES originally moved to Wooster none of the buildings were completed yet, but the campus eventually began to take shape in 1893.

First OARDC Building Thumbnail.png
Building a strong campus for the OARDC in Wooster took many years. The first building on campus is pictured here, erected in spring 1893.

Charles Thorne.JPG
Charles E. Thorne started working at the OAES as a foreman right after graduating college. When he noticed the station was not near as large or successful as it could have been (mostly due to its location in Columbus), the young man started sharing…
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