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This flier for the third annual fair of the Independent Agricultural Society of Wayne County, this shows a clear early association of the fair with the agricultural society. Also, while it announces the event as only the third fair, other fairs had…

These tickets would be purchased, not just to gain admittance to the fair, but to have a say in Agricultural Society decisions. This implies how involved many early attendees of the fair were in the agricultural community.

It is this ticket that was the goal of early exhibitionists. By winning these premiums, exhibitionists would be rewarded for their top contributions to the agricultural community at large.

This is a simple map layout of the Wayne County Fair. This map is staple material at the fair, allowing attendees to find their ways easily around the grounds.

An early example of the prizes that would be offered for exhibition placing at the fair, this list reflected current interests regarding agricultural advancement. By incentivizing discovery of the best methods of agricultural practice, the Wayne…

Shown here is a display at which homemade games were played before the days of the travelling carnival game trailers and kiosks we see at today's fairs.

Pictured here is the original wooden structure stadium built for fair attractions and events. Condemned by the state fire marshal in 1935, the Fair Board decided to build a new steel structure over it in 1936. While it seats about 1,100 people, fair…

The collection of vending kiosks breathes life into the Wayne County Fairgrounds every year. Whether you buy or not, the stands bring a sense of festivity to the fair experience. Aside from looking festive, the stands are yet another model for the…

This is a unique example of the kinds of non-agricultural exhibits held at the fair. Such exhibits were crucial to the fiscal life of the fair- it was the link that brought agriculturalists and agricultural lay people into one place at one time to…

A week or so before the Wayne County Fair, The Daily Record releases a special issue that gives a schedule of the events to occur at the fair and other related stories. It serves as a crucial guide to fair activities to local attendees.

A line of fair-goers lead cattle across the race track, passing the fairgrounds' stadium.
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