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A 2009 Daily Record article describing the development of the downtown "entertainment district" and Main Street Wooster's campaign to grant more restaurants liquor licenses, the first of which was Muddy Waters Cafe and Grill

A 2007 Daily Record article about the appeal of downtown lofts

business types graph.png
A graph charting the change in the types of businesses downtown, from the 1970s to today. Estimates are based on phone book listings.

2013-07-08 10.58.16.jpg
223 W Liberty Street in 2013, visible businesses include Friendtique, Uptown Downtown Antiques, and The Wooster Book Company

2013-07-05 21.05.48.jpg
Rear view of newly-built lofts in the Merchant's Block building on West Liberty Street, many are already sold

2013-07-03 17.11.20.jpg
A photo of South Market Street, near the Square, in 2013.

MSW Gazebo.jpg
A photo of the gazebo on the northeast corner of the square, with banners advertising events downtown

MSW - square finished.jpg
A photo of the town square, after it was rebuilt by the Cahmber of Commerce and Main Street Wooster

The sign for the Main Street Wooster and Chamber of Commerce building on West Liberty Street

A sign posted at a work site of the Wooster Downtown Economic Development Project, the precursor to Main Street Wooster

A 1985 Daily Record article discussion a group of Wooster business men, who proposed to build a large shopping complex with an attached parking garage as a means of saving the downtown economy

1980s photo of a lot on West Liberty Street next to Fritz Amerson's House of Flowers


Photo of the town square in 1966

A map showing the streets that comprise downtown Wooster

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A Daily Record article describing the 2011 Wayne County farm Tour, featuring both Local Roots and South Market Bistro

The Daily Record article describes the 2011 Wayne County farm Tour, featuring both Local Roots and South Market Bistro

The Daily Record article announces plans to open Local Roots Market in 2009

LR2 - SD.jpg
This is a photo of the interior of Local Roots Market & Cafe in Wooster

LR - SD.jpg
This is a photo of Local Roots Market & Cafe on South Walnut Street

Farmers Market MSW 1.jpg
This is a photo of vendors selling baked goods and produce at the Downtown Wooster Farmers' Market.

This is a photo of South Market Bistro, a Wooster restaurant serving local, seasonal ingredients.

Standing proudly on the main square downtown, the courthouse is the most well-known building to Wooster residents and visitors.

Law Library.jpg
Open to the public for legal reference, the courthouse contains a Law Library on the third floor. Originally set to be in the basement, problems with humidity and document preservation led to its current home. I was designed with a meeting of time in…

Clock Tower.jpg
The original workings of the clock have been maintained since their installation in 1879, placed in glass containers to aid in their preservation. The workings have been maintained by 7 “keepers.” The later roster of keepers consisted of 3…

Clock Stairs.jpg
These stairs lead to the highest point in the courthouse- the clock tower. The age and narrowness of the way to the top prevent it from being fully open to the public. The view from the top is simply stunning.

Courthouse 2.jpg
This is a more modern example of a courtroom in the Courthouse. Over the past decade or so, the push for technological innovation in the legal system has led to the remodeling and technological equipping of rooms like this one. To save on time and…
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